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We thought about our donors and the impact they are making by supporting New Life Forward in helping the constituents get back on their feet. A few things we’ve noticed about our donors are the conversations that are being had with their children regarding community service and giving back. We had the honor of speaking with three brothers (twin brothers at age 8, Sevaan and Maanev, and their 11-year-old brother, Saaven.) Here is what they thought and said about involvement in the community.

What does 'being kind' mean to you?

Saaven: “Being kind means helping people when they fall. Sharing things with people instead of being selfish.” Saaven is a driven basketball player and tries to be a team player on and off the court.

Sevaan: “….sharing, giving things to people. Help with getting school supplies together for kids who have less than I do.”

Maanev: “Being kind means to help people; Saying hello to people or smiling at people so they get happy.”

How have you personally helped someone out?

Saaven: “I cheer people on, make them feel positive, give people something to drink when I feel they need one… especially on a hot day. I’ve also given a homeless guy some food and he said ‘God Bless You’”

Sevaan: “... I know we’ve donated used toys and buy new ones to give to toy drives at school. We also give blankets and jackets. My dad has donated some of his suits and shoes to give to people. I think they use the suit to wear at job interviews so they can find work.”

Maanev: “when we get someone new in our class, I try and show them around and be their friend. I know they moved to a new school and don’t know anybody, so I want to be nice to them.”

On a side note, this family has provided a large donation of clothing to NLF which then went directly to Mustard Seed School in Sacramento. Parents are monthly donors to NLF and they explain to their children how they are making a difference each and every month.

Front left to right: Maanev and Sevaan

Are there any programs at your school that you’ve helped with?

Saaven: “There definitely are, my mom and I have taken canned food to school a few times.”

Twins: “Yes, we’ve given gift cards from Target for things that other kids might need.”

What is something you like to help with? Something you currently do or would like to do in the future:

Saaven: “As I grow out of my clothes, I want to keep donating those items to other children who need them.”

Sevaan: “I actually like to help at the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) and help serve food and hand out napkins to everyone when they are eating.” On a side note, his nickname is Seva (seva means selfless service: Giving without expecting anything back…)

Maanev: “I want to grow up and make things and give those things to the homeless… things like refrigerators so they can keep their food fresh. If I make enough money, I want to be able to give them houses. Oh, and if I make a lot, a lot of money, like a billion dollars, then I would give them $10,000 so they can spend it on what they need.” I guess we should mention Maanev is very intellectual and at the age of 8, is already wishing to be a civil engineer when he grows up.

From left to right: Saaven, Maanev and Sevaan

Something I would highly recommend to parents who haven’t done this yet… have some intellectual conversations with your children, nieces or nephews, whatever age they are. I promise they will surprise you with the thoughts going on in their heads. Sometimes we are passive in thinking children are only focused during school and are all fun and games once they are home or on summer break. This small, yet fun interview with them proved me wrong.

Stay tuned as we reach out to the rest of our youth group on their involvement and thoughts towards kindness and giving back.


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