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Youth Community Involvement: Perspective of Izzie - 21

How aware are the youth of education and mental health issues? Let’s see what Izzie-21 has to share about her community.

What does kindness mean to you?

Kindness is something that is just part of my core. In a few words: being empathic, compassionate, and willing to help without regard for race, culture, or age. And most importantly - not expecting anything in return.

How do you help others in your community?

Well, being a student in healthcare, there are many ways I have been able to support the underserved community. I have helped educate community members on how they can get better health care and stay healthy by making wiser food choices. I have also volunteered at local vaccination clinics to ensure the underserved community is safe from the pandemic we are all facing. Another way I have been able to help others has been by attending food drives for the underserved community alongside the national guard.

If you could change one thing in your community, what would it be, and how would you go about doing it?

I feel the underserved community does not have equal access to education. Everyone deserves equal access to education in the following areas: mental health, body, diet, and exercise. They need to know what resources are available and how to use them. I am already helping in this area by joining local organization, which allows me to educate community members in various high schools. I want to get involved with other organizations that will help me spread the word and enables others to spread the word.

Can you share a personal experience with education and mental health?

While earning my nursing education, I interacted with many underserved communities and saw how many were impacted by mental health. Still, the beauty in what I experienced was the support and resources available to the underserved community when the individuals know where.

Have you heard about NLF, if so, how do you feel about their mission?

I have heard about NLF through social media, and I love the changes they are making because they can help people and offer them resources for living and any other necessities.

What an intelligent, bright young lady! She is making such a difference at such a young age.


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