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Building Relationships

What does it take to be a successful nonprofit that stays true to its mission? One way is by building relationships within the communities you want to support. When working with other agencies, we look at ones that have similar mindsets and missions as our own: to help the imminent at risk of homelessness. As the Founder of New Life Forward, Dr. Susan Hayer grew up in Solano County much of her life; she wanted to return to her roots to help support similar organizations that shared her outlook on helping the community. We at NLF connected with Vaca Fish in 2020, the year NLF was launched. We wanted to get to work and build relationships with our communities.

VACA FISH was formed in 1971 to assist those less fortunate. It continues today in the same fashion with the assistance of a core group of volunteers, a dedicated Board of Directors, and support from individuals, the community at large, and the City of Vacaville.

VACA FISH furnishes enough food to feed the family for three days or nine meals.

At Thanksgiving, VACA FISH distributes food baskets on the Saturday preceding this holiday. New Life Forward was able to assist with approx. 1200 lbs worth of turkey donations in 2020 and 2021 so that families could celebrate the traditions of Thanksgiving in their own homes.

Dr. Susan Hayer, alongside the Director of Communications, Sheena Takher, have been able to provide turkeys during the holidays and donate non-perishable foods for the families in Solano County. With the support of NLF’s amazing donors, NLF wanted to pay it forward to those organizations that were in need.

If you would like to work with New Life Forward as a volunteer, donor, or sponsor, please reach out to us, and we’d be happy to provide you with the different opportunities to support our communities.



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