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Working with Seva

Working with a nonprofit has not only allowed me to work on an important mission to support the imminent at risk of homelessness but has also given me the ability to work with other organizations with shared values and common goals. We may not have the exact mission but all in all, we help those in need.

I had been hearing about this amazing group of volunteers that make up this organization called Seva.

Some of you might be wondering, what does the word Seva mean? Well, it means Selfless Service - Seva is the spiritual practice of selfless service and the desire to uplift and assist people, giving help and compassion to others with no thought of what is to gain or what is to be lost by doing so. *

I began following @sevaselflessservice on social media, to see what they were all about. I couldn’t help but be so impressed with the dedication they possessed, the number of supporters they had and their drive. They have events ever Thursday in Sacramento (packaging food boxes to give to those less fortunate) once a month in San Francisco as well as in Yuba City. In between these events, you’ll find them having toy, blanket and jacket drives.

So, I decided to join the volunteer group for one of the Sacramento events. New Life Forward donated 10 cases of water to Seva; This being only a fraction of what people donate to this group – again I was amazed by the dedication of those gathering to feed and support those who needed a helping hand. I then joined the Yuba City Food Bank event that occurs as the end of each month. As I approached the parking lot where the event was being held, I noticed numbers of volunteers, carrying boxes of food, organizing them so the items could be placed in grocery bags for the families that were already in line (a very long line might I add). They provide groceries for over 150 families: food anywhere from cereal, rice, potatoes, fruit cans, to milk, bread, oatmeal and pastas.

We interviewed Jaskarn Johal to learn more about this incredible organization:

How and when did Seva get established?

“We established Seva in 2012 while we were in college. We started off by wanting to do one event where we made pb and j sandwiches for the less fortunate. We executed it by collecting 5 to 10 bucks from all of our friends and siblings and got together and made a bunch of sandwiches. We then went and distributed them. The feeling we all got from Seva was so great that we never looked back. We have been serving for 10 years non stop. Every single Thursday.”

Share with us your involvement and what drew you to Seva:

”I am a Sevadar from day one. I was drawn to doing Seva because my father and gurus have preached selfless service since I was a child. I have watched my father constantly give back to the community. I am following his foot steps."

As we at New Life Forward continue to help the imminent at risk of homelessness, by providing financial/budget training, ensuring people have homes to live in and, jobs to keep them going to maintain their expenses along with food and essentials, we will continue to partner up with other agencies with like minded goals. If we haven’t yet, its time to become that united front to improve lives within our communities.

Blog Written by Sheena Takher

Group photo taken by Daman

@newlifeforward @sevaselflessservice



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