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Tis the season, friends! The vibrancy of glowing, welcoming lights. Family members, you've missed for so long. A hug. Blessings in bushels. Silly sweaters and egg nog. A passion only felt annually. Does this seem familiar? The warmth of a hearth you haven’t seen for what seems like an eternity? An accounting of blessings that seem to expand into forever? So grateful! The sadness and remembrance of the ones lost or left behind, wishing they were there? Of course, these are all part and parcel for the season.

In these moments we remember goodwill and charity. The warmth we feel brings us closer to humanity. Gives us a reason to repose on our behavior and, if possible, change what we are or have become. We learn that generosity is the key. Essential. Eternal. Why is this something we do only during one time of the year? We are reminded of our humanity once a year, yet we are all gifts to one another.

Strangely enough, this is one of the only times of the year where donations occur en masse. We are reminded of our love for one another. We remember the struggles of others, yet only at this time do they receive the gift we all need constantly. The gift of mercy.

Struggles, unfortunately, are not designated to any specific time period. Humanity will always need true humans to assist those that want to lift and be lifted. To quote Mr. Keenan, “Tuning into each other, lift all higher.” Every generous soul that takes the time to have a positive effect in these contradictory times is laudable, and I implore any and all to make a positive change. We can fix this. We can do it ourselves, regardless of harsh institutions. Love can win.

Endorsing NLF has been rewarding for me, as it should be. There is no sin in caring for others. While I have no control over your decisions, I implore you to endorse NLF in whatever way you can. Donations will always make a massive difference, but service can be just as effective. We have a chance to make a major impact in the lives of people that have become disillusioned to a society they believe doesn't care. Hope is such a rare commodity these days.


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